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Choosing a Morocco tour for yourself can be daunting. We know you want it to be just right for you. How about we talk about it together? We can provide you with options so you can make the best choice. Fill in the form below and we will get the ball rolling.
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Join our Morocco tours and hear the tale of times gone by and a Jewish community facing the challenges of renewal. Morocco has an exotic atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, picturesque markets, and a proud Jewish community with strong ties to Israel. Explore Morocco on a tour that was designed with you in mind.

Jewish Group Tours of Morocco

Morocco Tours

9 Day | Jewish Group Tour of Morocco

With a coastline extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco’s fascinating culture reflects both European and North African influences and traditions. Largely populated by the indigenous people of the area, the Berbers, as well as Arabs, Morocco was also home to a sizable Jewish population until Israel was founded in 1948, when many Moroccan Jews to emigrated. Travel through time in Morocco’s ancient cities and experience its modern sensibilities and exotic atmosphere.

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