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Choosing a Berlin tour for yourself can be daunting. We know you want it to be just right for you. How about we talk about it together? We can provide you with options so you can make the best choice. Fill in the form below and we will get the ball rolling.
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Our Berlin tour will expose you to a magnificent city, which has undergone tremendous transformation; yet, you will also notice constant reminders of its troubled past. Take the opportunity to visit this beautifully restored city, with its modern streets and museums, as well as its monuments to the past. From the architecturally stimulating designs of the Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Memorial to the grandeur of Brandenburg Gate and the city's boulevards, visiting Berlin will contextualize the roots of World War Two and the Holocaust while addressing the revival of a nation and its people.

Berlin Tours

Berlin Tours

7 Day | Jewish Tour of Berlin

Take the time to understand the legacy of German Jewry; this traditional Berlin tour will be enriched by the expert knowledge of the tour educator and Da'at encounters with local Jews. You will gain profound insight of the impossible situations Jews faced during the Holocaust, while also learning about the historical backdrop of World War Two and the events that led up to it. The seven-day Berlin tour is an opportunity to enrich your knowledge of Jewish history and understand the complexities of reviving and sustaining a Jewish community in the wake of catastrophe.

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